Friday, July 25, 2008

CAT5 Scores....

Here is the break down of this scores... The first I'll list is the general subject scores. I'll list the stanine that he scored in as well as his grade equivalent....
(Stanine is the 'standard nine' which is a listing of 9 groups compared to the average). This was the 1st grade test.

Reading vocabulary- 5th stanine- 2.2 grade equivalent
reading comprehension-5th-2.4 ge
total reading- 5th-2.3
language mechanics- 5th-2.4
language expression- 5th-2.2
total language-5th-2.3
math computation-4th-2.0
math concepts and app.-5th-2.3
total mathematics-5th-2.2
total battery-5th-2.3
word analysis-5th-n/a
social studies-5th-2.2

Let me just say that science shouldn't come as a shock because my husband and I are SCIENCE JUNKIES! We spend a lot of t.v. watching time watching science channels. ;) Also, it's funny that he scored so high in social studies because we don't use the regular history that jumps around...we do classic history that follows history in it's actual time line (that means that we started with the cavemen, then on to ancients...etc...not that then jumping to Washington and U.S. History.)

If I haven't bored you enough is the full break down of the scores and what grade he made on each. I'll put an asterisk next to those it says he has mastered (not mastered is 0-50; partially mastered is 51-75; mastered is 76-100):

Reading Vocabulary:
word meaning- 76 *
words in context-85*

Reading Comprehension:
listening and understanding-50 (the lowest score)
link picture, print-99*
recall information-99*
construct meaning-99*

Language Mechanics:
Sentence, phrase, clause- 83*
writing conventions-74

Language Expressions:
sentence formation-94*

Math Computation:
add whole numbers-92*
subtract whole numbers-62 not all items attempted- (he ran out of time)

Math Concepts and Application:
data interpretation-81*

Word Analysis:
single conson/word-97*
cons. blends, digraphs-99*
sight words-98*
short vowels-74
long vowels-60

life science-90*
physical science-84*
earth and space science-85*
science process-70

Social Studies:
geographical concepts-90*
economic dimensions-89*
historical perspectives-85*
government, citizenship-97*
sociological patterns-96*


mariebridge said...

WOW!!! This is a testament to your teaching skills. Your son got so much more from studying at home with you than he could ever have gotten from the local school who didn't want to spend the time to make sure he got what he needed. I am very proud of both of you. Now... how soon are you going to make your curricula available to other home schoolers? I know I sure would buy it!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!