Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Halloween!

One of our big Halloween crafts that we're doing this month is our Haunted Gingerbread House! We got it at Walmart for $8 (it's Wilson brand so you can probably get it at craft/art stores as well). It was already assembled which was really cool because we had problems last year with our Christmas Gingerbread house and keeping the roof on!
It was a goopy/messy bunch of fun! And for some reason, whenever anyone got the black icing, their mouths soon turned black as well....hmmmm...wonder why? :)

As you can tell, my son has always been interested in getting things decorated as soon as possible...the quicker to eat it my dear! haha.

His technique was to simply cover his two sides entirely with icing. It works! :)

My daughter on the other hand has that little artist thing kick in and spends so much time going over ever minuscule/minute detail. Do you see how ever candy of her door is placed just so. :)

Here is the finished Haunted House, they were very tickled with it and had so much fun doing it. Isn't that the most important thing! :)



Nana said...

What a wonderful surprise! Wish I could be there to see it in person. You two kids did a great job. I know it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to show Brian, but you know he doesn't like gingerbread houses, so it might really scare him!
I will be home to see you soon! I love you both very much! Love, Nana

Jennifer said...

That looks like a blast! Looks like they had fun doing it.

Sam said...

Love your daughter black mouth hahaha Looked like they had a blast