Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shock...and a change in our homeschool approach?

Well, Of course we're TECHNICALLY on summer break. But like I mentioned before, we are spending about an hour per day doing math and reading and sometimes we're doing writing. My goal is that by the time August rolls around and school begins again that they will possibly be better readers and writers. Ultimately I'm working towards my goal of independent readers but that will come.

I am shocked that my husband just started talking about homeschool things. For 2 1/2 years now, he has listened to me ramble on with that glazed look in his eye. Every wife knows that look, its the one that says "I'm here, I'm listening but it's going out the other ear just as quickly". I don't get upset by it, its normal and I'm happy he lets me ramble on, regardless of his interest.

However, now he's been reading my homeschool magazines. He'll bring up things like unschooling or question me about Saxon and its difficulty. He now....*gasp and giddy giggle* says that he wants to teach them a class. I've handed over science. It's not that I don't like science, in fact I love it...but it would be nice to have him help out with a class or two, and I figure he'd enjoy science the most.

He also said took over math class today when I was on the phone and was teaching them multiplication. After that, he decided that he'd handle math too. Oh I'm ecstatic! I don't like math anyway, but he's a wiz at it. I'm sure that there are things that he'd be able to teach them, concepts that helped him grasp it, that I just wouldn't even think of!

So coming this August when school starts back, he will be handling science and math and possibly computer. Although I think I'm going to hold off of the computer class until after they learn typing. (I started it this past fall but with our getting behind I dropped it after about a month or two).

I'm so excited! I am looking forward to fall now! yay! Bring on the new school year!

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Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Autumn...want to be best friends? Lol. I just read through some of your blog and we have a lot in common. I call myself a writer, but I've never been published, I got a degree in English because I love writing and I am happy if my skill can at least help me instill a love for writing in my kids as well as document our lives together. I homeschool in Washington state and have two kiddos...two girls...last year was our first year, but it was kindergarten, so we didnt' get too formal...I'm feeling the pressure for next year to be a little more structured, and we too will go through this summer. Anyway, I kind of started a homeschool blog last fall, but it was too mcuh to keep up with...I have a personal blog at, nice to meet you. Where do you live?