Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ooooooh Workbox!

A friend of mine said she was thinking of doing the workbox method...I had no idea what she was talking about. So she pointed me to a few websites and I am hooked!
Here's an overview of the process:
You pretty much just set up a big box system where you put each subject in it's own container and they work through them 1-12 till the work for the day is completed. You also throw in a lot of fun activities. It supposed to help the students become more independent workers as well as providing a fun way to become more organized.

I really like this system. Obviously I wouldn't be able to implement the entire system right now. So I'm trying to think of ways that I could begin using it in small doses now. I'm thinking that I'll put the extra activities that we don't/can't do in a doctor's office into the hanging file folder crate I currently have (and don't use except to hold old papers now). I'll throw in some science activities related to what we're learning as well as possible history lessons and definitely fun art and music things.

I'll let you know as we get started and I will take pics to share!


Sonya said...

This sounds pretty interesting!

Beth in Greeneville said...

Autumn, just wanted to say we're with you and praying for your family. I am SOOOOOOOO thankful for you and all your helpful posts to the TCH list. You've never met me, nor have I ever emailed you before (I think that's right) but I just felt compelled to reach out today with this word of thanks. I hope you read this today when it will do the most good!
Thankful for so much,

Autumn Leavz said...

Thanks so much Beth! You have made my day! :) Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I really needed to hear it today. :)