Thursday, April 3, 2008

A bad day...

We all have good days and bad days, it's just part of life. Yesterday was one of those bad days for me. We fought over school work until I just had to stop for the day. I was too frustrated to continue. I have figured out that my son just doesn't want to do any work period, homeschool, public where. He just doesn't want to do it! It's very aggravating because I feel like I'm constantly fussing and telling him 'do your work', 'finish your work'.
I don't think I want too much, just get your work done. Do it in a timely fashion and put in an effort.
Homeschooling isn't always the easy road because it would definitely be easier just to send him to school but I know it's not what is best for him, academically or socially. I've made some new rules, no television on at all (including t.v., games or movies) until 5 oclock in the evening. I hope this will help somewhat. I tried doing a checklist, complete the work in the specific time and you'll get a check for that subject. Get all of your checks for the day and you'll get to play your games. It worked for about a week, but I don't think it's working now. I also stream lined our curriculum, cutting math way back to around 30 minutes and english to much shorter, etc. This has cut back some of the fussing because whenever we go for longer it is just worse because their attention fades as we go on.
I saw on youtube a homeschooling mother made a goal board with sports themes and when they did a chore they got to move their 'soccer ball' (or whatever theme they were using at the time) with that on it to the goal. That might work for chores and subjects. I don't know.
I told them that they have thursday and friday to prove to me that they want to homeschool. I explained that if I was hungry I would have to make something to eat or I wouldn't be able to eat...just like they want to school at home, if they want to, then they have to do good work at home or else they won't be able to school at home.
I just hope today is a better day because this week is really getting me down!
Cross your fingers, say a prayer for us!


Dawn said...

Hi Autumn! I saw the link to your blog on the about homeschool site. My son is also a 1st grader, and we spend short amounts of time on subjects. Anything more is too much for him. Like I can't imagine spending 30 minutes on math - that would probably kill both of us! : ) Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you that I think cutting back might help. Very nice blog, by the way!

Dawn (did2dim on the about site)

AutumnLeavz said...

Thank you for your comments. I do think that is the majority of our problem, too much work per subject. It usually takes us (with both kids) at least 4 hours per day to do everything...
handwriting, reading, english, math, history and science.
Scaling back math to 30 minutes or less (it only took him between 15-20 minutes yesterday) has helped a lot and I have scaled back english to working in a test practice book to prepare for our Iowa this year. It only takes him about 15 minutes. I get a lot less fussing now EXCEPT that I'm still having a problem with handwriting for both of them. I am using a workbook and having them complete one entire page/day. It usually resembles something like "Brave Bobby buys a baseball bat." and they have to copy that sentence 4 or 5 times. I was thinking to fix the complaints I might "grant immunity" by having them complete the sentence one time perfectly and if they make any large errors they have to correct them. I'm going to give that a shot next week and see how it goes.
Thursday's work (aside from handwriting) was much smoother because of our talk though.
Thanks again for your comments and encouragements! I really appreciate them!

Trilynn said...

I always like to ask myself on those bad days--Would public school really be easier? I wouldn't have to do the teaching--but I would be on the school's schedule and have to do hours of homework with a wound up child. Every time my kids are sick I would have to get a doctor's note. Even it is just a viral thing that will go away with rest. I think those bad days are going to happen no matter what you do. There are days when you and your kids will just feel out of sorts. We have to realize that schools have bad days too. They don't always get everything done. Don't get discouraged:) I am glad to hear your day went better today. Those good days make it all worthwhile. Trilynn