Friday, April 4, 2008

Much better!

Yesterday went so much smoother than the previous days of the week. They both did their work so good and we had more time for fun 'goofy' things to do. We still had a little trouble with handwriting. They want to goof off and not do the work instead of just getting it done. I like the book we're using but I think I'm going to scale it back as well. It has sentences to copy such as "Brave Bobby buys a baseball bat." and they have to copy it 4 or 5 times. I believe I'll grant immunity, so to speak, by having them write it perfect one time and correct the errors.
We'll see how that goes this week.
I'm so anxious about the IOWA test coming up next month. With the wrong math curriculum choice on my behalf we are so far behind in this subject. I think that was part of why I was pushing him to do so much. I have a test practice booklet that we've been working through in preparation. He likes these because they are much shorter bursts of work than regular work, but the math is really knocking me down. There is so much that he should know that I'm going to have to teach him in 1 months time. It's so overwhelming and I'm afraid he'll do poorly in math because of this. It's so important for him to do good on this test because 1) he has to score at a certain level to be allowed to continue to homeschool (VA state laws) and not be put on probation next year and 2) If his test scores aren't showing results, Daddy might decide that homeschooling isn't working and put them back in school. This sounds bad but you have to understand that Daddy just wants what is best for the kids.
I think after this first year of testing I'll probably be able to calm down more about it but until then I'm a nervous wreck!


Trilynn said...

I don't think the test anxiety gets any better. This will be my fourth year of homeschooling. I still get really anxious around test time. My ds does very well--but I still get wound up. I am trying to learn to stay calm so that my anxiety does not flow over to him. I guess I just want to make sure he goes in as prepared as possible. We always use the Spectrum test books for practice. I would look in the math section for first grade and get an idea of the concepts. Then go online and print out worksheets to practice these concepts you feel he needs more work in. This will help you to feel that you have done your best to prepare him. Don't forget that the test takes in account that you are not done the curriculum. It goes to about three quarters of the way through the books. Trilynn

Dawn said...

Have you tried "Handwriting Without Tears"? I like the simple style of it.

Try not to over stress about the tests!