Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election...a little late.

Yeah, I know it's been over a week since the election. But I wanted to post some pics on here.

On Monday, the 3rd we took a field trip to see John McCain. We went to the rally and had a really good time. It was unseasonably warm that day but the kids enjoyed it.

They expected to see McCain a little bit closer, maybe actually talk to him? I think this because my son told me the night before "Scrub off my tattoo mommy, I don't want McCain to see it!" (temporary tattoo from the day before).

(We were behind the stage :( so this is the best shot I got.)

The next day we went to the poles and split up. Sis got to go with Daddy and my son with me. We showed them step by step what we were doing. Then that night we colored in states as they were called. My son was upset that Obama had won and thought he'd have to immediately start public school again. I believe he had overheard or misunderstood things that we had said before about Obama being anti-homeschool (or more pro-public school and teacher certification...same thing).
Anyway, we explained and he is fine now. ;)

(This pic ~above~wasn't taken by me but by another local hs'er, I don't want to take undue credit...mine were blurry :P)

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Sam said...

Oh that is so cute I am glad the kids got to support him I wished he had won!