Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We did a lazy day today but it was a make up for our sick days of the past few weeks.
We colored pictures of Turkeys and Cornucopias. We watched the It's America, Charlie Brown video, then read a bit about Thanksgiving and did some cool pages with themed word searches and vocabulary. All in all a fun day, but very lazy. :)

My son scared me yesterday saying he wanted to go to public school. Turns out it was just about kids. So he said if we went to the p.e. group each week instead (which we hadn't been to in a month or more) that he would be happy. I asked for at least a chance with that until after Christmas break, then we'd discuss public school again. He awoke this morning declaring that he doesn't want public school, lol. :D

My daughter, when given the option last night, instantly said "homeschool!" That's a moving on...
She made a decision today. She gets so angry at her brother for saying the word that she's trying to read aloud (they have a majority of subjects together, except for reading aloud, reading lessons and math~~although I think she could have handled 2nd grade math, lol). So she decided she wants to do 2 read aloud lessons each day to improve her reading skills. :) That's on top of the online click n read lesson we do each day. She is so dedicated to learning, she just laps it up!

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