Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh, how I love spring. It is a season that can give me a lift no matter how I am feeling. All you have to do is step outside, let that warm sun fall across your face and take in all the beautiful smells and colors of the blossoms.

This morning we went to our town's farmer's market. It was the first time we had been and I think I was expecting it to be bigger, but I am not complaining. I enjoyed it none-the-less. There was live music and we bought a loaf of bread from another homeschool family who owns a local store. It was pumpernickel and of course I had to sample it as soon as we got home!

We got a dozen fresh brown country eggs and a bunch of starters (cabbage, lettuce). We also got a bag of fresh mustard greens (dinner tomorrow). It was more artsy than I expected, I was thinking more fresh veg but maybe it'll pick up as the season warms.

We then ran around buying bunches of gardening supplies and then came back to plant. I have to say that I LOVE GARDENING! The kids love gardening....well, sis did until she sat in the ant hill. She jumped up yelling and screaming and slapping at herself. She was covered in tiny black ants. They apparently were biting or pinching her. (oh and we're covered in black potting as I was slapping ants off of her, she and I were covering her in black dirt, lol).

After that trauma, she declared that she hated gardening and stayed inside. I had to make her come back outside and we avoided the ants. I explained that they just thought she was going to ruin their house. She was apologizing to them. :) She ended up helping me finish up the planting and doesn't hate gardening anymore.
This was far less traumatic than her sweat-bee incident last year! She probably doesn't remember that though.

But today, we planted peas and potatoes and set out our onion, cabbage and lettuce starters. I also got some marigolds because they supposed to be natural deterrents to insects.

In a few weeks it'll be time to set out the rest of the stuff. :D I know this is off topic but it is one of the few things (other than the kids) that makes me happy these days. I just love spring...(please, no 'but your name is Autumn' jokes, lol).

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