Thursday, April 9, 2009

YAY! We passed!

I haven't posted in a few weeks. We took our achievement tests week before last and then a few other things came up so we ended up taking spring break last week. But we got our test results back today.

I am so tickled. Even with the obstacles that we've faced this year and the setback from having the problems in January (having to stay at Papaws because of our heat/water issues) and then moving last month....


Before I list results....The results are based on what the average students rank. Our goal to be able to pass is to get a 4 stanine or higher.
stanine 1,2,3 = below average
stanine 4,5,6 = average
stanine 7,8,9 = above average


Zachary's test was for end of 2nd grade:

Vocabulary 65 percentile 6 stanine
comprehension 26 percentile 4 stanine
Language Mechanics 61 percentile 6 stanine
Language Expression 86 percentile 7 stanine
Math Computation 36 percentile 4 Stanine
Concept&Application 84 percentile 7 stanine

Reading total: 41 percentile 5 stanine
Language total: 81 percentile 7 stanine
Mathematics Total: 56 percentile 5 stanine

((I want to remind you that the 4 and 5 scores look low, BUT that is what the AVERAGE child taking this test in 2nd grade scores, so it is a good score!))


Sierra took the end of 1st grade test (even though she TECHNICALLY is registered as K with the school and even though we switched to 2nd grade curriculum to be with Zack about half way through....but we won't have to submit her tests until next year).

Anyhow...I'm rambling....for an end of 1st grade test:

Vocabulary 91 percentile 8 stanine
comprehension 60 percentile 6 stanine
Language Expression 63 percentile 6 stanine
Math Computation 44 percentile 5 Stanine
Concept&Application 98 percentile 9 stanine

Reading total: 79 percentile 7 stanine
Mathematics Total: 83 percentile 7 stanine


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