Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Field trip...and I'm STILL stuffed, 4 hours later!

We took a field trip today to a culinary school. It was mentioned that we would be eating, but I had no idea how much! The table was elaborately set and we enjoyed a wonderful four course menu! **Special thanks to Tammy for putting it all together!!!**

We started out with a wonderful beef barley soup. It was so good I could have made that the main course. :) The kids loved it as well. Then we moved on to a salad with a berry vinaigrette. the kids weren't as wild about that one but I thought it was perfect. They are just typical kids who are hooked on ranch even though my fridge is loaded with more diverse flavors for salad dressing than you can imagine.

During all of this we got to practice our proper etiquette and learning which utensil went to which exact course and what to do with that napkin. I did realize that I am a bit lax on our table manners but I'd like to add maybe a 'fancy' dinner night to get them used to the "extreme etiquette".

Back to the meal....after our salads we were served this wonderful entree. I believe it was called a Seafood Newberg in a pasty shell. It was served with vegetables and a rice pilaf. Oh my goodness, this dish was absolutely delicious! The little shrimp and seafood was so fresh and the sauce was perfect and the pastry shell was light and fluffy. Oh, my mouth waters thinking about it!

He said these students had only started cooking today. Really? No way! You could not tell! That ENTIRE meal was only $5! Oh and I forgot the kids favorite part...dessert! We had a parfait of homemade sugar cookies crumbled into puddings and different layers and it was perfect. Other than the dessert I asked the kids what their favorite dish was (because obviously they would say dessert if I asked, lol). Zack said his favorite was the entree and Sierra said she enjoyed the soup best.

After our dinner, we were taken on a tour. There was a kitchen set up in the corner where Chef Richard has his own television show that is broadcast to a bunch of different states. Then we went through the kitchen. The kids were amazed at how large everything was in comparison to a regular kitchen. We then went downstairs and saw the classrooms and the library as well as the bar (they have bartending classes). Back upstairs was the smaller room in front where they serve lunch and dinner through the week and then we saw the kids favorite part.....and mine as well..hehe:

The baking kitchen! I have to admit, I would chose baking over cooking. :D But this kitchen was filled with all types of mixers and a huge deep mixing bowl as well as cake pans of every imaginable size! It was so cool! And we got to see the beginning of a contest piece that is for one of those large competitions that they have nationwide. I wont go into details, but I love the idea of sculpting with edible materials! If I had the time and start up money, I'd definitely get into making those fancy fondant cakes. :D
It makes me want to go out now and buy some! Maybe I'll take the 'for fun' class of cake decorating! OOOOh......I'm getting side tracked. :)

The main reason for going on this field trip is that my kids, and especially my son have started showing a real interest in cooking. I've started trying to let them help with a majority of the cooking (with my direct supervision). My only problem is I'm still so wary of giving them REAL knives yet....*gasp*....are you kidding! I mean, my son will loose a finger! I just know it!

I know that I was cooking and using knives by his age....but....(hides all of the knives) it'll be okay...just another year? lol. I know, I need to let go. I just need to teach proper knife handling....can we say home ec class next week? *cringe* Maybe....

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Very nice article, very well written, and wish I could have been there for the experience with you.