Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, after finding out that the MUMPS have similar symptoms...you can imagine I was freaking out! What if it's mumps, antibiotics does nothing to mumps...he'll have to be quarantined! Wait....what exactly does mumps do? We had the vaccinations. But what if it's like how some people get a flu shot but still end up getting the flu. All of these crazy thoughts were running around in my mind.

Well, yesterday we took him in to the dentist. They x-rays, poked and prodded to confirm that it was indeed AN ABSCESS ~NOT MUMPS ("See why it's important to brush your teeth better!"~I found out in the commotion of moving that he had just been brushing his front teeth and not even trying to brush the back!). They gave a stronger antibiotic and an appointment for tomorrow. But the tooth will probably have to be completely extracted instead of simply repaired.

Overnight the antibiotics have shrunk that swelling down incredibly! He looks like himself again. Well, almost. I can still see a bit of swelling, but it looks normal. And you can still feel the knot under his skin, although much smaller now. He's also no longer in pain (unless you poke it, as sis found out). God is great! And....(heaving a sigh of relief) it's not mumps or any other crazy thing!

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