Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm ticked a little and update on my son....not related to each other.

Okay, first, my son had two extractions today and he is doing really good. He is already wanting to run around. I'm just trying to keep him relaxed for the rest of the evening so his bleeding can stop. He will have to have a spacer to keep his teeth from spreading apart until those come in.

Moving on....the reason I am miffed. I got a letter from our new school board saying that they can't approve my request until they get my diploma. I told them that the county we came from has it on file and that I would be happy to get them a copy. I told them this when I sent in the intent....and the counties aren't even states apart...they even touch!

I just got ticked by the way it was worded. I mean, the lil ole school district is not approving anything. I just have to let them know. It just angers me that they had to be so rude about their wording. I hope that this is not a hint of things to come in dealing with them.

I liked our previous school board. The only time in 2 years that I heard from them was a friendly reminder that my son was old enough for testing last year. I am kind of paranoid that this new one is going to get a little big for their britches so to speak. I just have to try to stay upbeat about it though and not have a pessimistic view on things.

Anyway, I'm happy my son is better. I am taking care of the diploma thing. I am ALMOST done with! It's aggravating! If it's not one thing it's another!
Oh, and another note....I just realized that we only have 3 more months of school left! yikes! What?! No way, we've fallen so far behind for the year! I am already going to have to add another month! School straight through June just to catch up! I am thinking of having to do double math's each day to catch us up.
yikes! that stinks!

Well, the pain meds wore off and him running around has made it hurt worse. He's back to square one pain wise, but at least it will only be for the night probably. I hope, bless his heart.

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