Monday, March 16, 2009

Time is running out!

It hit me the other day that there is only THREE MONTHS LEFT in this school year (well, maybe 4 if I make up all the time that we ended up missing!). We are so far behind and then on top of that we need to take our end of year testing soon. Can I start pulling my hair out now?

I am going to aim to take the test at the beginning/middle of May, which should leave us 10 more weeks of instruction time.....which means 10 more weeks to make sure that we understand every math concept that is going to be on the test. I hate that. That is one of the problems of public school, I feel. They have to teach to the test instead of to the interest of the child.

Oh well, I guess let this be a lesson to always make time to teach, regardless of whether severe weather drives us from our home (broken heater/frozen water) or we are laying in bed sick or whether we are in the process of moving.

I guess we should have had school while sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes (oh wait, the boxes are still there, lol) before we do anything else. I need to learn to prioritize and make school a non-negotiable each day regardless of what extremes come our way!

We are already going to be without a spring break so hopefully we'll be able to make up some time then. And hopefully we'll be able to make the grade so to speak on our testing.

Am I rambling? I got 5 hours of sleep. With the time change and moving and all of that, I have been going to sleep at 2am or later and we've all been waking up at 10 am! AGAIN! didn't I just fix that problem??????

Well, this week I am working on getting us back on schedule. Speaking of which, it's nearly 8am, I let the kids sleep later than I intended so I'm off to wake them up. Double math lessons everyone? :D

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