Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring is here!

I am really loving this weather! I don't know what it is about spring that gives you a sense of waking up.
I've decided that we need to work on finishing up our math, and we definitely need to work on our reading and writing. The math, just because we are so far behind. I do not mind if we do not complete the book, but we have fallen so far behind that I'm afraid they'll end up missing some key concepts.

As far as reading and writing....well, reading is the fundamentals of any education, it is so important that I really want to focus on improving their reading skills. I would ideally like for the new school year to start out hopefully with them being independent readers. If not, that is fine, but I think it may be possible in 3-4 months. :)

The writing is just something I want to work on improving. I'm not focusing on it but we're working out of a workbook that I got before. It's filling in blanks, rearranging sentences, etc.

I've also got into writing the outline for next year's school plan. I don't set out to write each and every school work thing...this is just an idea of areas I want to improve as well as the classes we'll cover and which curriculum I'll be using. Once I get the idea of what then I'll move onto when. That's my biggest problem, before I always ended up trying to do a full lesson in every subject every day...which ended up resulting in 6 hours of class time. I just need to work on my schedule.

But all is looking good. I'm not stressing now that testing is behind us. I'm looking to the future with hopes that next year will have less interruptions. :)

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