Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time 4 Learning...

We were given the opportunity to review Time4Learning (, an online curriculum program. The kids were instantly excited when I told them that we were going to put the workbooks away and do our school online.

I was afraid that the curriculum would be incomplete, but I was actually very surprised by the information that it covers. It also does it in such an exciting way that the kids are interested and enjoy the lessons. I had to contact customer service a few times, just for my own questions and was happy with how quickly they replied and remained in contact with me afterward to make sure that my questions or concerns were answered.

I love the way you can instantly go either forward or backward a grade in case you want to go back and review a concept from a grade earlier or perhaps you don't think a subject is challenging enough. However, I have found that the curriculum is as challenging as other hard copy curricula and not as bubble gum or watered down as a lot of online curricula tend to be.

Even after the novelty of doing schoolwork online has worn off, the kids are still enjoying Time4Learning and look forward to it in our school day. We only need to supplement it with our handwriting program and I have continued our previous Bible curricula. Along those lines, I would also recommend Time4Learning to anyone who wants a computer program but wants something more secular than Switched on Schoolhouse.

My only complaint about the program is that you can't make assignments. If I could change anything, that would be it. I would like for the ability to go in and assign certain lessons in each subject because right now, I have to guide them to where I want them to be in the next subject. Technically I do not have to do that, you just teach them to follow the arrows to the next lesson, but I have jumped around a little bit, so want to make sure they are where I want them to be next. However, the person I spoke with in customer service said that it is something they are working to create a solution for (from what I have read on the forum, I believe that the program can also be used in classroom settings and there is some sort of problem with that one point and the way the software itself is set up).

But with that being my own tiny complaint, my positive experience has far outweighed that. I am just so happy with how receptive my kids have been to this curriculum and how they enjoy it. Our fussing over school work days are gone for the most part (there's still our handwriting worksheets to complain over, lol!) I believe that we are going to continue using Time4Learning for a while.


Kari said...

I T4L works well for you guys! I really wanted it to work, but the only thing Jazz liked was the Math, and it was a bit slow for him. (we didn't like that you couldn't skip the "lesson" and go on to the practice. and if you do the quiz without the don't get a check mark.) We like checking things off in this house. lol.
I think with strong readers it is a great option.

Anonymous said...

I am using T4L for my son for K as a supplement. I used it when my oldest was in K thru 2nd. By then she was bored with T4L.

Autumn Leavz said...

Thanks for your comments. I don't know how long the kids will enjoy it but I'm at least hoping to finish out the year with it. We'll see where next year takes us.

I can see what you are saying about the check marks. I'm trying to not worry about that part as much because I'm jumping them around based on what I want them to learn.

I think right now it is just a relief to be doing something other than workbooks and texts (especially for my son).