Monday, February 9, 2009

Interesting Music (off topic)

I wanted to post this for a couple of reasons. One, obviously is just to share and two, so that I could remember the names for future use. :)
I caught the very end of the Grammy's this year and decided to search through some pics to see what I might have missed. I discovered three women that I had never heard of before and so off I headed to youtube. I love these three women's styles. They are each unique and different. The first is Adele, I kind of like how she sounds like Bjiorke (Know I didn't spell that right) mixed with Fiona Apple. It's interesting.
The second was a woman named Chrisette Michele. She reminds me of an old cafe singer or something from the Harlem Renaissance. I love the style there. And finally is Duffy. Now, of the three I would rank her third. She looks and sounds like a singer from the 50's (which is my favorite decade). She seems to be a cleaned up and blonde version of Amy Winehouse (who I do not like).
I know this is totally off the topic of homeschooling but I love finding new music and I like this shift that popular music seems to be taking towards these modest/ stylized singers.
I probably have the oddest taste in music, especially considering that I love everything. I can go from this music to pop to rock to rap. It's definitely interesting I'm sure. :)
Also, Go plus sized ladies! It's always nice to see plus sized ladies becoming more popular. We're making a come back, slowly but surely.

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