Friday, February 27, 2009

My Baby is sick....

It's funny that no matter how old they get, you always call them your baby. I still refer to my son as my baby. But now, he is sick. Its so sad.

He woke up Wed. night a few times complaining of his jaw hurting.
Yesterday he didn't mention the pain much so I made a dentist appt.
just to get it checked out (although it wont be until around the 20th
of March).

We had a lot of moving errands to run yesterday but when we got home,
I noticed his jaw was swelling rather quickly. In the time I noticed
and the time I couldn't get a hold of his dentist, it was golf ball
sized. We took him to the er and they said it was an abscess. (We
didn't even know of any bad teeth on that side, they all look fine).

Well, with antibiotics and pain meds we went home but he's been up
every few hours (even with the pain meds) and it's now the size of a
baseball. Please keep him in your prayers that it will heal and not
get any worse and that his pain will subside.

I'm worried to death. You know something is wrong when it swells up like that. (I'm a mom/ he's my baby even now at 7, you know how that is) but I know God will take care of him. So please pray for him.

He's getting some rest with Daddy right now, so I hope his body is fighting that infection. I'll keep you posted.

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