Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Discovery...

I am in a bad winter rut right now. We had some personal things come up which we had to take a few days. Things finally start getting settled down a little and then we get sick. But thankfully the public schools are having snow days (which I typically use as 'make up' days for what we've missed before) but we're taking them off. I just hope everything settles down soon or we'll be schooling through summer! haha!

Anyway, in the midst of this rut I have been re-evaluating our curriculum. I'm trying to find a quicker way to do everything. I'm trying to see what we can get rid of, what we can do differently, etc. I even ordered new curriculum. I'll have to see how Five in a Row works for us (although I am so anxiously awaiting it's arrival!). I even ordered 2nd grade workbooks for Sis, she's now going to be on the same math as her brother. It will save a lot of time. I think it'll work for us because from teaching both each day I've noticed that they are both so durn similar. The work from grade 1 to grade 2 isn't that much more. I think she'll be able to pick it up fairly easy.

Well, onto my funny discovery....

I was looking through websites of 2nd and 3rd grade classroom schedules and just taking a look at how/when they handle all of the subject, what type of subjects they do, etc.

I came across a few different forums of teachers saying that they were still trying to fit this in or can't find time for this....It was so cool. It reminded me of all of my previous schedule posts. It was just a weight off my shoulders to hear teachers saying the same thing. :) So even though I feel awful and want to stay in bed all day (thank goodness for laptops on the couch, lol), I feel somewhat happier.

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