Monday, February 9, 2009

My 2 cents...Octuplets mom...

Okay, I know no one asked...but here it is anyway.
I just do not agree with the Octuplets mom choosing to have so many babies. It was just dangerous and uncalled for. Now, some people might think I'm just against someone having that many children. Let me set the record straight....I love the Duggars (parents of 18 children). What is the difference?
I think that if you can afford that many children on your own and if God provides that many naturally then that is fine. I do not see anything wrong with the Duggars having that many children naturally. I also see nothing wrong with a couple having multiple births with fertility treatment (although I do think that they try to implant only 3 babies so that multiples will not happen as much.
Now, having said all of that why would I be so opposed to this woman having 8 children? She's single living with her mom (what?) AND (the biggest point here) she already had 6 other children! I just do not think that it was a good decision. I just hope that God helps her to raise them and that she'll be able to provide all of them the love that they all need (as all kids do).

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