Friday, March 21, 2008

Family and Friends support...and socializing

When we first told everyone that we are homeschooling last year we got a lot of mixed reviews. Some are completely for it, they think it is a wonderful idea. Others are a little harder to convince...and I think still believe they should be in school (maybe my son takes his first IOWA test this year and gets his results they will be good and it'll put those who are opposed at ease).
There are a few others who believe it is a good idea because of the violence in schools today and because of religion being taken out of school but they also are worried about my children's socializing aspect.
I even get mixed reviews in public now, I haven't had anyone YET blatantly tell me that they disagree with it but I have had those who point out the socializing aspect.
Socializing is important, but do you really think that children need to be socialized with other kids who are hooligans!? I mean, have you seen children today? They are crazy! They have no respect for anything and no fear of authority (human-principals, police; God).
Socializing is defined as:
1) to place under government or group ownership or control. (does that really sound like what you want to do to your kids?)
2) to make fit for companionship with others; make sociable (my children are already sociable and have been for a while now. I believe they are MORE FIT for companionship than some public schoolers I know)
3) to convert or adapt to the needs of society (I think society NEEDS more kids who are taught proper manners and behavior at home, I think it NEEDS children who respect their elders and fellow man in general)
and finally 4) to take part in social activities (Homeschoolers do this).
Well, that is the exact definition of socialize for those of you who were unclear and those are my feelings on the aspect of socialization. I believe socialization is more than just being around a group of kids and being made to memorize facts to be able to pass a test...and forgetting them later.
Someone once stated that socialization is a word that was created by those opposed to homeschooling and whenever the "h" word is mentioned it is inevitable that the "s" word is going to follow.

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Angie Steele said...

I so agree about the socialization thing. I honestly think that so many people have said it for so long that they all just say it! I told someone the other day that it's a good thing to not have your kids "socialized" to such an extent! They learn so many things I don't want my kids to be learning.

I need to have my DH read what you posted. :0)

I'm enjoying reading your blog.