Thursday, March 20, 2008

Method and Curriculum...

I have thoroughly researched each Method of homeschooling. For those of you who do not know, the method is the type of homeschooling you do. Methods can be anywhere from Unschooling to Classical and all stops in between. We are what is referred to as Eclectic Homeschoolers. That means just as it sounds, that we delve into many different methods. For example, for math we use workbooks, for english Switched on Schoolhouse's computer work, for history we use "Story of the World" which is a classical study that goes Chronologically through time, for reading we use Abeka and occasionally visit reading sites on-line and for science, we lapbook (which is a trademarked name) either from my own putting together or from Hands of a child.
We use what is best for us which is not one specific method but a little of this here and a little of that there. It really just depends on what you like and what your children learn best with.
I confess.....I am a curriculum junky...don't tell anyone! If something isn't working for us, I'll give it a little more time but then I'm completely ready to throw it out (aka, sell it on ebay) and start new! That's my one problem. But whatever works and whatever will get the best results with my kids.


Trilynn said...

How is The Story of the World working out for you? My kiddos can't wait to get into book 2. I have purchased these timeline card through Veritas Press that start from Creation all the way up through the present. I am going to have them start trying to memorize the timeline as we go through the books to keep it all straight. Hopefully, it is working well for you.

AutumnLeavz said...

I love it so far and the kids actually don't complain about it all like they used to. Before I just checked out books related to history and would read them aloud. They would complain when I would say it was history time. Now, they don't and so far that's all I am asking for, lol. I would love for them to say 'yay' about it, but that'll come later, I hope.
But the cool thing is that they're remembering the stuff from it. You would think that since they're coloring at the same time that they aren't paying attention but it's amazing when my son says 'Mom, they're talking about Mesopotamia!' about something on t.v. :)