Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our daily schedule

This is what a typical day looks like in our home:
(more about our curriculum later)

between 7-8am-kids wake up/breakfast

around 8:30am-start the day with handwriting practice
(we use "The complete guide to handwriting" from walmart)

8:15- The 6 year old starts math

8:45ish-6yo's english

9:15-9:30ish-4 yo's math

9:50-4yo's english

10:15- 6yo's reading

10:40- 4yo's reading

11:00- History (Story of the World) for both

11:30- Science for both (lapbooking)

12:00- break for lunch

12:30...finish any of the things we didn't get done before lunch and Choral reading (me reading aloud to everyone) then p.e. outside if the weather is cooperative.

~We usually aim for this schedule which depends of course on outside interruptions, the kids willingness to work that day (some days are better, some worse), etc.
Some days we just can't get it together. All homeschoolers will tell you that some days it just seems as if some of us or all of us can not get it together and do what we need to do. On those days we just try our best and do what we can.

~I am trying to get this basic schedule shortened a little bit and stream line all of these Core subjects so I can add some fun stuff to the day. I would like to add a 15 minute Bible study, a 10 minute Character builder and a 15 minute safety/health and manners (beyond what we cover in science). I am also thinking after adding these things that I would like to add a 15 minute period to cover life skills (such as sewing/crafting for her and knot tying/outdoors skills for him...which of course both will probably end up doing both).

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