Friday, March 21, 2008

People are STRANGE...

Sunday we went out to lunch here in our small town. There was a child that my son had previously went to school with. I wont even go into her awful behavior, yelling at her mom for 'cheating' just because she scored a goal on her in air hockey.
The funny thing is that she made her daughter read, quite loudly. It was as if she was proving to me how well her daughter was learning. I thought it was very funny. As if I had implied that she wasn't able to read in the simple action of removing my child to homeschool him.
Living in a small town EVERYONE knows that we homeschool. It's like that commercial where the girl says she called a friend and they called a friend and so on and so spreads like wild fire.
I just was baffled by this. Did she want me to have my son read aloud to show that he was just as fluent in his reading as her? I didn't. I could have had my 4 year old read to show that she could read as well, but I didn't. I just laughed to myself and went on with my business. I know my child is learning, how? Because I'm his teacher, I see the improvements on a daily basis. Do I need to confirm this by publicly displaying it to everyone? No, it's no one else's business.

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