Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best week EVER!

Well, It finally happened, I have officially had the best week ever since we started homeschooling nearly 2 years ago.

Our schedule went almost perfectly for Monday through Wednesday. I threw out some things to try to clear the schedule a bit. Then Thursday was perfect. P.E. group was back and the kids fell right in just like they were old friends. Afterwards we went to our first Chess Club meeting. All went pretty good there (except my son was so hungry he was more focused on the popcorn than the games, lol...to remedy this, I believe I'll start giving him a snack between the p.e. and chess times). The kids loved it though. The people were wonderful and the kids have asked to play chess ever since we've been back.

To finish up my wonderful week we had a wonderful Friday. It had school as usual, a little late, but not bad. to finish it up though, we made homemade bread and ham soup. It was so wonderful and everyone loved the bread. It just ended so nicely. A perfect week ended by a nice home ec lesson. :)

We've started yesterday with our Change One diet, fixing our breakfasts and I went ahead and made a switch to wheat bread. No complaints so far. :) Everyone is enjoying everything. I like the subtlety of the Change One diet, since we're only changing breakfasts this week, its much easier to follow.

I am just so excited. It's only 1 and we're on lunch break (about to end) and we've only got quiet reading time and history left. So we should be completely finished by 2 at the latest. We also made up a chore list and yesterday we drew cards until we each had equal amounts. Then we completed the chores. It took all evening just because I had to stop my chore to show my son how to do this while my daughter waited to learn how to do that....once they get the hang of what they're supposed to be doing, it'll go easier.

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