Monday, January 19, 2009

Diet change update...

I don't like the word diet because it makes people think of those crazy schemes that people (and yes, myself included) go on to try to quickly drop pounds but never end up working.

When I refer to diet, I mean the way that we eat. So when I'm speaking about changing our diet, I am talking about changing actual eating habits in our family.

We're changing to whole wheat bread products and so far that's going over very well. We even made our first ww homemade bread. It turned out perfectly, yay. :) And it was so much fun to make it!

Our first week of dietary change was to fix our breakfasts. It's really been pretty fun and it's tackled a problem i had before of trying to make breakfast more diverse (I hate hearing "I want a pop tart" or "I want cereal" each morning) and I wanted to move towards more hot and homemade breakfasts.... Very good so far!

This week we're working on changing lunch. I'll tell you later how that goes. I think they will probably be the two easiest changes to the diet.

It's funny but just changing to eating breakfast is making me want to eat less. My hubby and I had a bad habit of eating a big thing after dinner, either a huge dessert or another huge helping of dinner or a different thing that would equal dinner portions. I think it was because our body was thinking of dinner as lunch since it was it's 2nd meal and wanted a 3rd meal. But I'm wanting less after dinner. :) I'm feeling fuller.

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