Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, technically I missed yesterday but anyway...

Tomorrow school is starting back. I spent about 4 hours or more yesterday straightening and organizing our hs corner here in the kitchen. I really have NO EXTRA ROOM for it so I kind of count that corner of the kitchen as my hs section.

If anyone were to see it, they'd probably think it was just a messed up heap of numerous books, textbooks, teachers manuals, library books. There are huge tubs of crayons and markers and play doh forms. There is the large tote of math manipulatives. It may look like a mess but I know exactly where it all is. My kitchen walls no longer have pretty paintings and sconces but lots of papers (poems we're memorizing, reading awards, number chart, etc.) and a huge dry erase board.

I am hoping when we move that we will at least have an extra space like a dining room that we can convert into our school room. Or at least a little nook that I can put all of this stuff next to where we'll do the work. That would be really nice.

Oh and I need bookshelves....many many bookshelves! I have on now and there's a built in one in the kids room but OBVIOUSLY that wont be coming with us. So I'm thinking about 3-4 more bookshelves. If we get that extra space that I mention in the dining room or a bedroom then I would like to either line the walls with the bookshelves or in a corner, place them back to back like they would in a library.

OOOOOH, and I can't wait to place those 2 huge maps on the wall in our new place! Now....just to find this new place!

But I starts tomorrow and I'm excited to be starting back, sis seems like she is also....but my son in typical boy fashion says no, lol.

Now, I'm off to take a look at our schedule.

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