Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration day...

We had a snow day today, but I counted it as a make up day for us. We spent time doing different school things but only lightly.

Instead, we have watched the Inaugural info all day. I have to say that watching all of the former presidents from my lifetime (with the exception of our dear Reagan) together at one place was so exciting.

My favorite part was when Obama kind of messed up his swearing in. He didn't really mess it up, but he paused because he forgot what he was supposed to repeat. I enjoyed it not because it was a mistake but because it was probably the first glimpse of humility of Obama for me. It was the first time I could look at him and see that he was in fact just like the rest of us. He was nervous and I liked seeing that.

I pointed out the history of the day to the kids. I hope that when they are old with their own grandkids they can say "yeah, I watched the Inauguration of the first African American president".

Now, lets all sit back and just see what happens. I'm totally willing to give Obama a chance and keep my fingers crossed as well!

**Added note**
I read a report just now that said that Obama was pausing so that the man giving the Oath could word it properly, but that isn't he look that I saw on his face. It was more the look of a man saying "what exactly was it again" because he didn't want to mess it up. Also because he jumped in on the name part before he had finished...and especially because Obama repeated it exactly as he had said.

I stick by my initial feelings. I saw a man who was nervous, just as any man would be, to be doing something so important in front of so many people. It still touched me.

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