Thursday, January 8, 2009

Delegation and Snow!

It started snowing last night and we woke up to a light covering all over. We might have an inch. Funny though, our school district didn't call off school or even put up a 2 hour delay. What I do on snow days is use them as make up days for those we've taken off. So I am somewhat disappointed that the school district didn't take this one! grrr. lol

I keep forgetting about delegation. I struggle to finish my housework on time. Duh, the kids are 7 and 5, I think they can help and THEY ENJOY IT! Why do I keep forgetting this point!?!? Last night I was trying to rush to get dinner done. I was doing this and doing that and my son says "What can I do mommy" I was about to say the usual "I've got it honey" but instead, I had him wash up, put him at the table and he cut my cooked chicken into bite size pieces.

The kids are able to do so much more and at this age, they want to and it would be a good time to get used to doing it.

When we move, and I plant the spring garden (crossing fingers), I will have to remember this too. The last few years I didn't let them help as much as they were small and not careful and would step all over what we just planted. I was also afraid that they'd "weed" out the veggies instead of the actual weeds. But this year I think they are going to be able to do much more.

I got an idea about a chore chart where instead of having a set designation of who does what, we'll draw out cards telling us which chore to do. If I do this one, I'll post pics after it's completed.

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