Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2....Goodbye Tree

We finally put our tree and Christmas decorations away today. It was also the first day I went without a patch. I have been smoke free for nearly 2 full months now (the 6th).

I'm trying to give thought about the kid's schedule. That seems to be a big topic of mine. I am always trying to find a way to stream line it. I think it's more difficult since last year we only worked for 4 hours total. But this year we have so much more that we're doing, including a spelling program, handwriting, cursive, etc.

But not to make an entire post on that again (I think I've fussed about schedules many times before).... Last night I had an epiphany. I always focus so hard on one thing or another for a very short amount of time (like a month or so) then change interests. Like I love the idea of being a self-sufficient farmer....but I've tried some things and know what works for me and what doesn't. I have delved full time hard core into my writing, but I burn out too fast or shift my focus to another area.

In this I have found 2 things....the first is that I do not need to force myself into a group or classification....I love to homestead, but do not think I'd ever give up buying clothes, etc. I love my nail and hair done, but don't think I'd ever go crazy with the fashion stuff. I love making things from scratch but don't know if I'd ever go 100% to homemade.

Well, I am rambling, but the point, is I can be myself and don't have to fit 100% into any specific group or category.

The second thing is that I need to figure out how to use my ever shifting interest for my business. I would hate to start up my business soon and it end up being another thing I soon move away from. I am just wondering how God intends for me to use it. What good would a short but intense focus time be to a writer? I'm still thinking on that one.

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