Monday, January 19, 2009

On vacation....okay, not really but almost!

Do you know how long it's been since I went on vacation? Okay, neither do I but I'm sure it's been a while. With my own college work, it made it impossible because I was always doing some work even on "off" times. With my own school being on hold for a while, I have some free time on my hands. I've been using that free time to get back to what I love...home type stuff such as baking bread with the kids. They are such good little chefs. :)

We've been on 'vacation' since Wednesday of last week. It's not really been a vacation but very close. A combination of an iffy heater and temps that were in the single digits led us to stay at my Father in Law's house this past week since he's been out of town. It's been heaven. It's like being in one of those cabin rentals. The only difference is that it's full of papaw's stuff already and we're within short walking distance to get something from our house that we may have forgotten.

For school the kids did computer game work instead. It's still school work but it's a lighter version. This week though we're getting back to our books. Today we are 'snowed out'. School has been officially canceled so I am thinking about doing a light day; just math, reading and computer games to consider it a 'make up day' for the ones that we've got to catch up on.

I'm just really enjoying this little 'vacation' because we've got room to spread out and it's been somewhat relaxing. :)

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