Thursday, January 8, 2009


We painted birdhouses on Monday. I wonder if I need to spray it with sealant because while I would like to keep them as decorations, the kids are now determined to feed actual birds outside....there has even been talk of catching a bird and keeping it in the house. I had to explain how you can have domesticated birds in actual cages as pets, not wild birds. (I'll post the pictures of the birdhouses soon)

This first week back has really been good. We're getting started at a good time in the morning and we seem to be close to our normal schedule. So I'm happy. School work is wonderful. I added a new writing program, for creative writing. I was worried about adding it. It is a foreign concept to them so far but I'm sure they will get it soon. If not, I'll put it on hold until next Fall.

Time wise we're doing good as well. I streamlined out classes. Things that I had hopes to use before, I got rid of. The Weekly readers are great but I don't have time for it in our schedule. The Click n Kids reading program is really good also. The kids don't like it anymore. I was surprised by this. I figured it is because it's a phonics program and they have been through a similar phonics program before. That's the only thing I can figure.

Oh...a break through! My son is READING on his own....I got the book "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" from the library and he loves it. He has chosen to read it to his sister for quiet reading time. Then today, had to tell them to quiet down and found him sitting there reading to her, apparently with much enthusiasm! Yay! :)

But that's all for tonight. Pics coming soon, I promise! :P

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