Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 1 of the month blog...and New fitness plan!

It's officially the first of 2009 (well, 5 minutes past, making it the second...but I almost forgot). I thought I'd keep my first post short and simple.

I am so excited about our new fitness plan. Nana got the kids a wii fit and we love it! It has daily goal trackers and it has yoga and strength training as well as aerobics and balance exercises. I thought it would go great as an indoor/daily plan for school. The kids were getting kind of sick of the same ole tape that we'd been doing.

I typically would let them play outside, but December has been both cold and very wet so it's been way too muddy to play outside much. The fit will be great for those ultra cold days or rainy days. I figure that we'll do it every day and then after school if/when the weather is good we'll go outside also.

I'm also looking forward to it, and have my own weight loss goals and daily work outs on it. It's so cool (even if it did weigh me and make the mii I had created overweight! hey!).

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